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TICT – Tourism of Tasmania Top Ten 2015 People’s Choice Award 

Fun Tassie Tours are designed with you as our top priority to ensure you see as much as possible of our beautiful and unique state, in a relaxed, comfortable small group environment. Average 4 – 6 passengers, but guaranteed departure with a minimum of only 2.  Experienced, local driver/guide, to ensure you have wonderful lasting memories. Travel hassle free with like minded people, from Australia and around the world (usual ages 30 – 70) who enjoy the great outdoors, seeing amazing sites, getting up close and personal with wildlife, taking stunning photos and visiting historic locations. Your don’t have to be young to have fun. Eco friendly responsible travel.

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Tour Highlights

Feeding The Animals


Tasmanian Scenery


The Tasmanian Devil


Tasmanian Food & Culture


3 1/2+ Star Accommodation


Cradle Mountain

Cradle Mountain

BBQ Banquet


Enjoying The Banquet





















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