The Wall in the Wilderness | Tasmania

The Wall in the Wilderness | Tasmania


Your Private Guided Tour of The Wall 

Fun Tassie Tours visit and include a personalised guided tour of the amazing Wall in the Wilderness & is a highlight of the 3 day west coast Tasmanian tour and also the full 6 day Tasmania tour in circle.

From the moment you stop in the car park in front of this gallery you realise you are in for something special, from the impressive building nestled in the native snow gum forest with the cast iron eagle sentinel adjacent to the door (this was cast from the original wood carving by the artist) to leaving, this is a wondrous experience.

This remarkable ongoing work, by Greg Duncan in huge 3 meter high huon pine panels depicting the history of the Tasmanian Highlands housed in a magnificent purpose built gallery (nearly 100m long). This is a ten year project and when finished will exhibit. At first you may think this wonder is out of place being in the tiny central highland town of Derwent Bridge, locate near the exact centre of Tasmania, but as Greg explains “ I just want to be the history of the area into the light. There were mistakes and successes in our past.  If I am trying to say anything it is that we must learn from the past, both good and bad, in order to move into a better future. I want the Wall Tasmania to be an educational as well as an artist experience.”

As most of Tasmanian’s power is generated by hydro, which has been in use since the late 1890’s, it seems fitting that Greg has devoted space to the Hydro Electric Scheme a marvel of engineering and foresight, producing the cleanest power available.  Starting with the first panel depicting the visionary who first envisaged the scheme followed by the surveyor, the mapper, the pegger and then the laborers and finally the water pipe. The hydro story is told in amazing carved detail.

The forestry industry is also brought to life in a fantastic life size carving featuring 3 draught horses and forestry workers pulling a log from the forest.  You only have to check out the detail in the men’s arms and hands to realise this is the work of genius. The Wall Tasmania is simply amazing!

Greg goes on to tell how man has impacted on the wild life of Tasmania with a section devoted to the extinction of the Thylacine (Tasmanian Tiger) with a series of panels on the hunt and one depicting an extract from the archive of the earlier governments tiger bounty register, giving the number and bounties paid to one early highland family (total of 77 tigers) there are also tribute panels to other extinct and endangered species.

One of the most moving exhibits, has to be the story dedicated to the early pioneers. The scene with the woman and young son placing a flower on the grave of her husband has brought a tear to many an eye. He has not only captured the grief and sorrow in her face, but also in evidence is the strength and determination to carry on. The family belongings are all packed in the cart, harnessed to the horse with the milk cow tied on behind.  Just look at the detail in her face and hands, absolutely amazing in their reality. This is entirely the work of one man who has devoted nearly 10 years to creating (and self funding) this national treasure in the making.

I have been fortunate enough to have watched this project evolve from the start in 2005 and have even had the pleasure of assisting in the gallery as a guide. With this background and past experience I look forward to personally showing you around and explaining this incredible work of art.  It is no wonder the name Michelangelo is often mentioned after visiting this amazing gallery. For more information you can contact me or visit – – The Wall Tasmania.

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