What is the cell phone coverage like in Tasmania?

A: The only cell phone network that has reliable signal in most locations is TELSTRA network. Vodafone & Optus sim cards will usually have signal only in major cities or towns. If you need to keep in touch with loved ones or friends while touring we recommend that you buy a Telstra SIM card - prepaid kits start at $25. Otherwise public phones are widely available and some have the option of payment on credit cards.


Do our accommodations have free Wifi?

A: Most of our accommodations do offer free Wifi yes, but it is often very slow due to our remote locations. In some places the Wifi is only available when close to the reception building and will not reach the rooms.  


Will we need to pack a rain jacket?

A: Yes we recommend packing a rain jacket or at least a disposable raincoat or poncho regardless of what time of year you are travelling. We do not supply raincoats for guests. We complete many short walks of 20-30min and on occasions these might be in light drizzle or rain. If the rain becomes driving or heavy we will often alter our itinerary slightly to find more suitable attractions but it is always better to come prepared.


Can you cater to special dietary requirements?

 A: Yes we can absolutely cater to any dietary requirements and often do. Advanced noticed is preferred but we can very quickly make dietary adjustments on the run when needed.


Will it be cold in Tasmania?

A: Generally the weather over the tourist season is warm during the day and cool at night. However, it can get very cold on occasions any time of year. We recommend packing a warm jacket regardless of when you are travelling. Some other items we recommend are below:

  • A digital camera or camcorder for capturing the beautiful landscapes and memories of your tour.
  • A decent pair of walking shoes. Although most walking tracks are easy and established, good walking shoes will come in handy.
  • A pair of jeans or similar, a pair of shorts in summer.
  • Sunglasses, suncream and a hat. The sun can be very damaging in Tasmania.
  • A small torch if you want to search wildlife at night at Cradle Mountain.


    How many other guests will be on my tour?

    A: We specialise in small group tours as we prefer the flexibility of small numbers and enjoy getting to know all of our guests in a more personal environment. We also believe travelling in some comfort is important and never fill any of our vehicles to capacity. The largest group we take in a vehicle is 15 passengers. 


    What vehicle will I be travelling in?

    A: The vehicle you will travel in depends on passenger bookings. We operate 3 different size vehicles. Our policy regarding 'Maximum Passengers' is as follows. 

    Hyundai iMax - Licensed to carry 8 but we guarantee never for than 5 passengers in this vehicle.

    Toyota HiAce - Licensed to carry 14 but we guarantee never more than 11 passengers in this vehicle.

    Yutong Coach - This is our brand new half size coach bus. Licensed to carry 23 but in keeping with our small group ethos we guarantee never more than 15 guests in this vehicle. 

    Photos of our vehicles are posted in the Gallery or on our Instagram feed. 


    On commencement of our tour will we be picked up from our hotel?

    A: Yes we pick up guests from any Hobart CBD accommodations as part of our normal tour service. The pickup are usually between 8.30-9.15am. Airport pickups can be organised via pre-arrangement. 


    On completion of our tour can we organise drop-off directly at our hotel?

    A: Yes we offer a drop-off service at any CBD accommodations. Airport drop-off can be arranged in advance but will incur an 'airport drop-off fee'


    Will we likely see animals while touring Tasmania?

    A: Yes it is extremely likely you will see plenty of animals in their natural environment. There are plenty of farm animals that we see up close but we often also see ducks, swans, birds, Echidnas, Eagles, Wombats, Pademelons, Wallabies and occasionally even Platypus or Devils in the wild. 


    Will we get opportunities to purchase souvenirs on our tour?

    A: Yes there will be plenty of opportunity for shopping over the course of the week. We try to pick out interesting shops that offer a wide variety of Tasmanian products and gift from food & wine to timber products and clothing etc.


    Can you cater for private tours and groups larger than 15?

    A: Yes we do cater for private tours depending on the dates and our availability during that period. We can also cater for groups larger than 15 and would normally only do so in a private tour scenario. Feel free to contact us directly to enquire about private tours and larger group options. 


    Will we see the Southern Aurora lights?

    The southern lights - Aurora Australis - are an amazing phenomenon we are lucky to witness here in Tasmania, however they are quite rare and elusive. There is a chance we may witness them on our travels but it is unlikely. To see the southern lights one usually needs to be very dedicated in chasing them or very lucky.