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Robert Wilson

Robert & Morgan Wilson

Fun Tassie Tours is owned & operated by Robert & Morgan Wilson. They have spent the last 6 years offering 'Eco-friendly, small group tours' in Tasmania. 

Robert has travelled exhaustively throughout Tasmania over the last 20 years. He  has developed contacts & relationships with small business owners right across Tasmania meaning he has the genuine local knowledge of all the best spots! He lives in the beautiful Derwent Valley region for 9 months, spending a portion of each year in Queensland over the winter months. 

Q & A / Robert

Why did you get involved with Tourism in Tasmania?

I was previously retired but found myself with itchy feet and wanting to undertake another challenge, with this venture I was able to align my passions of travel & business. I really don’t consider this work, for me this is my hobby - it took an early retirement to discover my dream job!

What are some of your personal travelling highlights in Tasmania?

The Overland Track with my brother John a few years back comes to mind. This is Australia’s premier multi-day trek and it’s incredible. We completed the trek south-north in the winter when snow was everywhere, also adding on an extra few days to tackle side trips up Barns Bluff & the Labyrinth. My favourite memory was spending a night on the summit of Mt Ossa - Tasmania’s highest peak at 1610m it was amazing.

The Gordon River Boat Cruise also comes to mind for sure. I have a soft spot for the west coast with its history and remoteness. I never get tired of the Gordon River or the entire World Heritage area really.

Why should people visit Tasmania ahead of other states in Australia?

I believe Tasmania is the best state in Australia for travel. We don’t need to cover large distances which gives us more time for sight seeing. You can get an incredibly diverse experience on our tours, the east coast is totally different from the remote west - they almost feel like different countries. And the weather down here is fantastic, late twilights and much more pleasant temperatures in the summer months. 

What has changed with 'Fun Tassie Tours' in recent years?

We have recently decided to expand our itineraries to offer longer & more comprehensive tours of the island with 8 and 13 Day tour offerings. These tours are designed for those who prefer to spend slightly longer, moving at a slightly more leisurely pace. Most importantly, they allow time to include some of Tasmania’s most iconic day trips which simply cannot be working into a shorter 4-6 day itinerary. 

We have also recently purchased a brand new Yutong 23 seat Coach bus which I am very excited about. It will be fantastic for our guests to travel in more comfort and with more space.

Do guests need a high level of fitness for your tour?

Definitely not. Our tours are designed to suits people of all ages and physical abilities. We cover many great walks on tour (several from Tasmania’s official 60 Great Short Walks list) but they are hand picked to be relatively flat, well pathed, shorter than about 25minutes and very scenic.

Why do you keep your tour groups small?

I prefer to work with smaller groups because it allows me time to get to know guests individually. This is as much fun for as as for our guest so I prefer smaller, more intimate groups.

Favourite stops on tour?

I love the gourmet food stops, particularly tasting freshly chucked oysters. The Wilderness Railway is spectacular and The Wall in the Wilderness art gallery in Derwent Bridge is a national treasure. It has been a real honour for me to watch that place develop from nothing over the last 12 years. Choosing favourites is extremely hard for me!

Does your wife ever come on tour with you?

These days she probably joins in once a year - preferring to spend more time with the grand children:) She is keen to come on board for some of these longer, new itineraries as she enjoys the slightly more leisurely pace.

Do you ever get tired of visiting the same places?

Never! Every week is different faces, different weather and different experiences. Now I have been joined in business by my son Morgan we can offer more variety in itineraries which keeps me on my toes and constantly interested.

Most difficult thing about being a tour guide?

Nothing! For me this job is a real passion and I don’t consider it stressful or difficult in any way. The beautiful island of Tasmania does most of the work for me:) I simply try to bring into focus its best features.

Where else have you travelled of memorable note?

In recent years my wife & I have been travelling quite a lot. I’ve circled the world many times on business as a younger man but am now enjoying visiting places purely as a tourist. We recently visited Iceland together, took a self-driving tour through Norway & eastern Europe. We have visited both the Arctic & Antarctic ice shelves which were truely mesmerising. A few years back I undertook several trekking adventures to the Mt Kilimanjaro summit in Africa and Everest base camp in Nepal though I wasn’t able to convince my wife to join me on those:) We’ve actually just returned from a month in Greece so ongoing travel experiences, learning and adventure are an important part of my life.


Morgan Wilson

Morgan at Lake King William

In 2017, Morgan Wilson joined on to partner his father Robert in the operating of Fun Tassie Tours. An intrepid traveller, Morgan recently spent nearly 3 years camping & backpacking with his wife throughout Australia, India and SE Asia, completing a nearly 50 000km 4WD trip around the Australian continent exploring every dirt road he could find! He has spent many seasons exploring, trekking & working in Tasmania and now lives permanently in the Derwent Valley region.

Q & A / Morgan

Best part of being a tour guide?

Tour guiding for me is the perfect role as it’s a great mix of travelling & meeting new people in a relaxed, outdoor environment. It is a real privilege guiding our guests around Tasmania and I feel pride in showcasing the best this great little island has to offer. I never get tired of the job because every week is new faces & new personalities for me to connect with. I also love the changing seasons we have in Tassie. Unlike many places on mainland Australia, Tasmania has 4 genuine seasons so the landscape and colours are changing every week. Usually our guests are all in a great mood because they’re on holidays!

Whats it like working with your Dad?

Robert is great to work with:) We enjoy similar interests in travel, chatting to new people and we both very much enjoy driving! He has done an amazing job flying solo for the last 5 years but we both agree it is more fun with 2 people, sharing the experiences.

Why should people travel to Tasmania?

Tasmania is a hidden gem in my view… although people are definitely starting to catch on in recent years. Being a small island it’s great for travel as guests can have a diverse experience in a short time frame due to less distances that need to be covered. For example, 6 Days in QLD will be only enough time to see a very tiny part being so massive… 6 Days in Tasmania however can give a great overview and sample of much of the island. In that time we can see Hobart, the east coast, the central highland areas and even parts of the remote & mountainous west. It makes for more time spent at the attractions and less time in commute.

Whats on your Tasmanian bucket list?

Actually the more time I spend here the longer my list seems to grow! Some adventures that come immediately to mind though are: The Frenchman's Cap Trek - I have twice prepared for this but been foiled by terrible weather. The Southwest Cape Trek, a helicopter ride over the SW World Heritage area, kayaking in the Bass Straight, the Overland Track in winter, another camping trip through the Tarkine, taking my wife to Cradle Mountain in the winter snows, the Wineglass Bay cruise, rafting on the Franklin River & finally seeing in person the bioluminescence.

Thoughts on the Tasmanian food & wine scene?

The food scene down here is incredible. The produce is fresh, high quality and often produced by small, family owned business putting plenty of love into their work. We endeavour to sample many of the gourmet foods & drink on our tours around the island. If you like things like cheese, chocolate, jams, relishes & chutney, wine, whiskey, oysters, seafoods, fresh fruits, home grown vegetables, ice cream & yogurt then you will love the food scene in Tasmania. We also have 2 great festivals highlighting the best of our local produce: Taste of Tasmania in the Summer and Dark MoFo festival in the winter.

Favourite season?

Gee that’s hard to pick… I love the mid summer time when the days are long and the extended twilights are amazing. Outdoor dining with a beautiful 9pm sunset really is something I look forward to every year. I also love the colours of Autumn though, we are lucky to have the best displays of deciduous trees anywhere in Australia by far and to see the spectrum of colours during the fall is incredible. Tough to completely forget about the freshness of Springtime though, I particularly love seeing my favourite flower in bloom the Tasmanian Waratah.

Favourite animal spotting experiences?

2 come to mind. I absolutely love the occasional treat of seeing a Platypus foraging in the wild. There are many places around the island I sometimes spot them… it is always unexpected and really puts a smile on my face. The other animal encounter I love is the Wombats around Cradle Mountain. I love their lazy, relaxed and unselfconscious attitude. They stroll around munching away at grass like we aren’t even there:)

Favourite Bird?

The Kookaburra and the blue Fairy Wren.

Favourite part of Tasmania?

I could write a book about the places I love most in Tasmania. If I had to pick 1 I’d say the Cradle Mountain & central highlands area. It is an absolute dream for those interested in photography, trekking or just beautiful, fresh, pristine wilderness. The East Coast is also incredible but for me the Central Highlands are the most unique as there are very few places if any in Australia that boast similar terrain & vegetation. 


Ben Gilligan

Ben joined the Fun Tassie Tours small team in 2023. Prior to hosting tours he was a career chef owning his own restaurant & cocktail bar in Washington DC. Ben also spent over 10 years travelling globally as a touring musician! His extensive travel background and exposure to different cultures has provided the perfect platform and rounded skill set to become a fantastic guide and host here in Tasmania.

We are extremely grateful and fortunate to have Ben as our colleague. He has deep roots in Tasmania and a genuine passion for this fantastic island. We think he will greatly enhance the travel experience of his guests!

Q & A - Ben

Why did you get involved with tourism in Tasmania?

I love Tasmania and love introducing it to new people who haven't seen it before. I feel like tourism is the intersection of all my previous experiences in food, wine, and travel. I was a professional chef for many years and managed a small hotel in Hobart, but I love to travel, so working at Fun Tassie Tours allowed me to get outdoors and enjoy the island with visitors.

What are your favourite places in Tasmania?

First up, Hobart. It’s been my home for nearly five years. You can’t find a big town/small city quite like it. If you drive 20 minutes in any direction, you’re in the country. But there's still plenty going on in the city. I worked in the food and wine industry for a long time, so I know good produce when I see it and Hobart has it in spades. The best part is you are so close to the producers. You know them by name and can talk directly to them about what’s good right now.

I grew up as a bit of a beach bum in Queensland, so I also love the white sands of Tassie. Freycinet, Wineglass Bay, or Bay of Fires are stunning, but a few lesser known spots like Coningham Beach (30 minutes from Hobart), or Murphys Beach in Bridport. If I had to leave the city, I could see settling in Strahan for the natural beauty or in Evandale for the heritage architecture.

What's your ideal day in Hobart?

Wake up on a Sunday and head to Farm Gate market on Bathurst Street for great coffee and your choice of breakfast. You can get anything there, from doughnuts to wallaby burritos to congee to martabak. Then jump the ferry to MONA for a lovely river ride and wander around one of the most unusual buildings you'll ever see. Stop for a drink at Faro, then grab a burger outside at Dubsy's. Head back to the Hobart waterfront and grab an ice cream at Van Diemen's Land Creamery. Take a nice stroll around the harbour. Pick from the many restaurants along Salamanca for dinner or make your way to North Hobart and select a dining destination along the Elizabeth Street strip. Then take your full belly home for a cuppa around the fire. 

What brought you to live in Tasmania?

I have family connections. My parents met at the old Hobart High. My grandparents lived in Tasmania for years. My grandmother was a sixth- generation Tasmanian. I never lived here until five years ago (I lived in Sydney and Brisbane), but I spent a bit of time here as a kid and loved the natural beauty and laid-back vibes of the state. My wife and I met in Washington, DC, where  we lived for 20 years. As our daughter got older, we decided to find a better place to raise a family and after being away from Australia for so long, it felt like the right time to come back. So in 2019, we packed up our lives, which included our then six-year old daughter and 12-year old yellow lab and moved to Mount Nelson. We've never regretted it for a minute. We love it here.

What's your favourite season in Tasmania?

It's a bit controversial, but I would say winter. After living on the east coast of the U.S., I'm a bit of a sucker for snow. And I have the wardrobe for cold weather. So, waking up and seeing snow on Mt. Wellington/kunanyi is a delight. I love the crisp, fresh air, and a warm fire with a stew bubbling on the stove. Pubs in town are a nice respite from the elements, many with roaring fires, warm beverages, and amble local spirits for imbibing. That said, when traveling or camping, summer is preferable. 


Michael Andrews

Michael Andrews

Michael is a proud Australian with heritage dating back to 1837, his family arriving as free settlers from Ireland and Scotland. He enjoys old motorcycles and keeps fit by hiking and umpiring Australian Rules Football.

Q & A - Michael

Why should people travel to Tasmania?

In my younger years I travelled and worked all around Australia and then I came here and nothing compares to Tasmania’s amazing natural beauty, fantastic food and friendly locals . 

Why did you become a tour guide in Tasmania?

I have often said I don’t know what I want to do when I grow up. Having done many different jobs in my life from being a tradesman, personal carer, taxi driver, small business operator, to name a few, I have now found the perfect way to combine my love of Tasmania, meeting new people and driving .

What brought you to live in Tasmania?

My life partner an 8th generation Tasmanian whom I met in Queensland. She was wanting to come back to be with her family and I have always wanted to live here so it was an easy decision.

If you had to choose one thing that is better here than on the mainland what would it be?

The food is the best I have ever experienced.  There is so much wonderful local produce to be found everywhere you go . 

Favourite season?

The thing I like most is that we get four distinct seasons, sometimes all in one day. In summer the days are long. Sitting on the deck with a 9pm sunset is easy to enjoy. Each season has its benefits with Spring and Autumn being great times to go hiking.  In winter to see snow on the mountain while driving across the Derwent Bridge is a real treat.

Favourite part of Tasmania?

The ocean is calling so I would have to say the East Coast.  It’s visually spectacular from the boat trip along the coast near Port Arthur through to Swansea and the Bay of Fires. 

What would you most like your guests to take away from a guided package with Fun Tassie Tours?

To have a great time , learn something new about this great little state on each day and take some fantastic memories home .

What area do you most love showing guests?

There are so many different places to choose from but for me it’s ‘The Wall’ at Derwent Bridge. Greg has built an amazing artistic depiction of the history of Tassie using Huon Pine. He has no official degree in art but has taken a passion and turned it into something that cannot be described without a viewing. 

Would you choose to live outside of Tasmania?

That’s an easy question. NO. I don’t even like going away for a weekend. This island home is the only place for me for now and forever.


Dean Huff

Dean at Cradle Mountain National Park

I moved here several years ago as my wife, children and myself all fell in love with the Island. We love the diversity of places that Tasmania provides and in such a compact (relative to mainland Australia) area. This allows us to satisfy our need to explore and camp in the natural world all year round. From my base in Launceston, beaches, forests, lakes, alpine heathlands and snow capped mountains are almost all just 2 hours away or less and there is a never ending list of places to visit and experience. Tasmania is a truly beautiful place that I highly recommend to everyone. 

Q & A / Dean

Why would you recommend guests travel with Fun Tassie Tours?

I believe we all have a need to explore, whether exploring ourselves, the world around us or areas of interest and knowledge. Travel is a wonderful way to satisfy the need to explore and in my opinion, essential to ensure a balanced, content and happy life. Fun Tassie Tours enables people to come together and satisfy that need by exploring the amazing island of Tasmania. All of the tour guides are dedicated and passionate about Tasmanian history and showcasing our world class food, wine, produce and natural areas. We aim to provide people with a quality experience of Tasmania. Fun Tassie Tours will take care of all the logistics so you can completely relax and focus on all the features of your journey.

Why did you want to become a tour guide in Tasmania?

I am a curious person by nature and have spent 30 years intrigued by world history and the relationship between humans and the natural environment, its impact on us and how we shape it in contemporary times. 

My curiosity has extended into the fields of history, philosophy, aquaculture, environmentalism, horticulture and permaculture. This combined with interests in traditional bush foods and sharing knowledge, has made being a guide in Tasmania a perfect fit for me.

What are some of your personal travel highlights in Tasmania?

Cradle Mountain, walking to Crater Lake just before winter with light dustings of snow on the peaks is a favourite. The rugged West coast with jagged rocky shores and alpine heathlands. The Northern Bass Straight beaches are another highlight for me. Cataract Gorge just 5 minutes from where I live in Launceston is also something I never take for granted, it’s truly a special place and a must see in Northern Tasmania.  

Where & how are you still keen to explore in Tasmania?

Honestly, there are too many places to list. I like to immerse myself in the places I visit and spend weeks or multiple visits looking in every nook and cranny. If I could choose, camping around the fire and surviving off the land would be my preferred way to explore, as this means I get to live more closely to nature, allowing me to readjust my own perspectives and explore within as well.   

What do you most enjoy about working with Robert & Morgan at Fun Tassie Tours?

Robert and Morgan are genuinely good people that are dedicated to ensuring the best possible experience for every guest they host, this treatment extends to their employees. Consequently, I too want to provide the best experience possible for our guests by delivering a quality service and adding extra little places and experiences not on the listed itinerary to further enhance the journey of travellers.

What unique experiences can guests expect on your guided tours?

My tours will focus on the journey through the history of Tasmania, from its geological, aboriginal and convict past through to its industrious development and the modern realities of contemporary Tasmanian life. I am passionate about Tasmania’s unique flora and fauna and will share my always developing knowledge of bush foods, diverse landscapes and ecosystems found on the Island.

What experience would you like guest to have that they may not expect?

I would like to inspire feelings of appreciation, awe and gratefulness regarding Tasmania’s natural landscape, biodiversity, industry and unique history.  I also think that travellers may not expect to experience how quickly relationships can form over the trip and extend into the future. 

What would you most like your guests to take away from a guided package with Fun Tassie Tours?

To have a great time - Full Stop! You may only be here for a short time with us, but our goal is that you will carry fond memories of your travels for a lifetime!


 Carl Schweppes 

 Q & A / Carl 

Why do you love tour guiding in Tasmania?

Two part question really. I took several years off from my marketing and sales career to look at this great country and find perhaps a new career. Heard a radio interview in 2014 with TasTafe lecturer - Alex Hale - while on a boat trip to Maria Island and thought this was just the right job for me. I love travelling, talking to people, history, nature, food, wine and beaches. This seems to fit all my loves so I applied and completed the course in 2015. Why Tasmania? Well I've been visiting Tasmania since 1980, so it seemed a natural fit and a good excuse to move here full time.

How is Tasmania different to the Mainland?

It is smaller obviously, but everything is closer and more easily seen. The weather can literally have four seasons in one morning! You can drive from sunny East Coast beaches to snowy mountains in one day and it's less populated and easier to get around most places. You can relax and have whatever you wish from busy city shopping in Hobart or Launceston to wilderness camping all within hours of each other. 

Your favourite part of Tasmania to holiday?

The easy answer for me is just about anywhere in Tasmania would be my favourite part! But to pick just one I would have to say Maria Island. It packs everything that is great about holidaying in Tasmania in one compact spot... History with the old convict station, nature with its abundant wildlife and National Park status and adventure with its bushwalking, climbing, mountain biking and camping. Only downside is no winery :)

How did you acquire your knowledge of the island?

I started in 1980 as a twenty year old solo walking The Overland Track in Cradle Mountain. I kept coming back every second year to find something new and adventurous... Walking South Coast Track, Bay of Fires, Walls Of Jerusalem, cycling in central & eastern Tassie, Wineglass Bay, kayaking Bathurst Harbour etc. Then as I got older would do a week of adventure things then a week of trying different B&Bs, wineries & food, etc. I'm always learning about new things in Tasmania and find it so much fun showcasing these to our guests. After all the best way to learn about new places and things in Tasmania is to experience them!

Why do you enjoy working with Robert & Morgan at Fun Tassie Tours?

Have to love their itineraries, they are fun not only for the guests but also for me! If you want a real taste of Tasmania then this is the ideal tour. Such variety of food, location, history and so on. Every day and every stop offers something new adn also something of interest.

If I was coming to Tasmania for the first time ever then this would be a great way to start my Tassie experience. Plus the fact that both Robert & Morgan are very professional in what they do and love what they do as well! They are very knowledgable about the state they love and I think the guests absorb that enthusiasm from them. Hopefully I can do the same!

What area do you most love showing guests?

Cradle Mountain would have to be star of the show for me and for many of our guests. The iconic Cradle Mountain and Dove Lake are beautiful in any weather and that is what you can get there. Also Bay of Fires and its pristine beaches & orange lichen covered rocks are quite magical. If we are really lucky there are one or two places where we might just see the shy and very elusive platypus.

Favourite Tasmanian plants?

The beautiful Pencil Pine and Huon Pine trees are my favourite. Their ancient beauty gives one a wonderful sense of perspective. Also the bark of the Eucalyptus Snow Gums in the snow looks very magical.

Best photo spots?

That depends what you like! But some of my favourite iconic ones include Cradle Mountain, Russell Falls, Queenstown, and just about any wildlife of which there is plenty.

What can guests expect to see on your tours?

A real taste of everything that is great about holidaying in Tasmania! Iconic Tasmanian mountain scapes, beaches, sometimes snow, sunshine, waterfalls, wineries, great eateries, great tastes like fresh oysters, lovely restaurants, ice cream, cheese, honey and so on. History, wombats, devils, penguins, magic views, and really cool towns.

Whats your favourite season to travel in Tasmania?

The change seasons... That is autumn with its fantastic colours & mild weather and Spring with the end of winter and the new buds on the oak trees at Port Arthur.

Tell us about what animals we might see on tour.

Hopefully you will seeing a huge variety of all the Tasmanian native animals. Wombats, Devils, Platypus, Penguins, Pademelons, Wallabies, Sea Eagles, abundant birdlife from LGB's (little grey birds) to the brilliantly coloured Flame Robins and Blue Fairy Wrens. We usually tick through quite a long list of animals spotted in the wild each week.

What unique cultural experiences would you recommend outside your tours?

Well one can't go past MONA (the Museum of Modern and New Art - quirky art also). This iconic museum/gallery/restaurant/winery/brewery is an experience not to be missed. It's a place you can easily spend a day admiring an amazing variety of art styles, some you might even like!