Carbon Offset - Green Initiative

Fun Tassie Tours recognises and acknowledges that we generate a significant carbon footprint from operating our guided tour packages. Our emissions come from multiple sources including the burning of diesel fuel for our vehicles, air travel emissions, food miles and other waste generated as a result of our business operations etc. We feel it is our responsibility to invest in a program designed to reduce, mitigate & offset these emissions. This is driven by a desire to transition our business into a cleaner, greener & more environmentally sustainable venture. We also aspire to contribute to the greater good, which in this case is the conservation and preservation of our planets natural environment. 

Forest canopy from below

In Tasmania it is obvious that from a tourism perspective our most attractive & unique features are those provided by mother nature - beautiful waterfalls, ancient tree & plant species, animals found only in Tasmania and many other stunning natural features. It makes sense that unless we maintain a focus on conserving these natural features in every way, they may not be there for the tourists of tomorrow. Tourism aside, we also have a strong desire to conserve the landscape of Tasmania for future generations, so they can experience & appreciate the beauty and abundance of our natural world. 

This season we are launching an initiative to partially offset the carbon footprint of our touring operations - or at least take initial & strong steps in that direction. Starting with a focus on our local area (The Derwent Valley) we are committing to a tree planting effort for the upcoming season.

"Our commitment for 2022/23 season is to plant 1 tree for every guest we host in Tasmania".

 Planting of a tree sapling

The above stated will be our minimum investment with regards to our tree planting initiative. Over the coming years of hosting guided tour packages we hope this will equate to many thousands of trees being planted in our local area. We also have intentions to grow this investment as we move forward as a business. In addition to offsetting our total carbon emissions these planting efforts will assist in; regenerating cleared or unused land, restoring habitat for native wildlife & insects, reducing soil & land erosion, improving air & water quality and generally increasing the biodiversity of our local area. 


We are excited to be taking initial steps along this pathway and are grateful for the opportunity we have to contribute in a more environmentally positive manner. In addition to our efforts of getting more plants in the ground, our focus for the coming season from an environmental perspective is to educate ourselves further on this topic by:

- Understanding more accurately the total operating carbon footprint of our business.

- Understanding what it would take to offset these emissions in total and how we can most effectively achieve this. 

- Designing a 5-10 year operating plan with respect to reducing carbon emissions and reducing our overall environmental impact.

- Understanding the environmental challenges facing our local area - the Derwent Valley. Secondly, learning how we can best support environmental initiatives that are already in place in our local area.

We look forward to actioning our tree planting objectives this season and intend to update this page regularly with our latests projects, initiatives and news on the progress we are making.


Last updated 25th July 2022.