Our Vehicles

Iveco Minibus Executive Model

We recognise that our tour buses are an integral part of our business and as such, we endeavour to maintain a very high standard of cleanliness and comfort. We have invested in 4 brand new tour buses over the past 3 years and are very proud to offer one of the best and newest fleets in Tasmania. Our tour buses meet all necessary requirements and licensing for commercial Tasmanian tour operators and are in excellent working order. The new models we operate are also the most efficient and environmentally friendly tour busses available with low carbon outputs. This falls in line with our efforts to reduce the overall carbon footprint of our Tassie touring business. 

Tasmania's Superior Touring Fleet

The tour bus you will travel in depends on passenger bookings. We operate 3 different size vehicles. To ensure plenty of space and passenger comfort on board we never fill any of our vehicles to more than 75% capacity. We guarantee to not sell at least 1/4 of our available seats to ensure guests have plenty of space on our premium small group bus charter tours. Our policy regarding 'Maximum Passengers' is as follows:

Yutong Coach - This is our half size coach bus. Licensed to carry 23 but in keeping with our small group tour ethos, we guarantee never more than 15 guests in this vehicle.

Iveco MiniBus x 2 - Our newest tour buses are our 2 x Executive Model Iveco Minibus Daily's. They both have leather seats and overhead storage. Licensed to carry 17, we guarantee never more than 12 guests in these vehicles. 

Mercedes Valente  - Licensed to carry 8 but we guarantee never for than 5 passengers in this vehicle. Perfect for small groups or private family tours of Tasmania. 

 *More photos of our vehicles are posted in the Gallery or on our Instagram feed. 

Last updated 19th June 2023.