Cancellation Policy

Our below cancellation policy applies to all of our Tasmanian itinerary options. As we plan our tours, food and accommodation in advance our policy is necessary to ensure all out-of-pocket expenses are covered in the unfortunate event of a cancellation. We highly recommend all guests purchase travel insurance when booking tour packages.

A note on COVID-19 related cancellations:

If your tour departure date is cancelled/postponed or affected by State or Federal government imposed lockdowns & border restrictions you will receive a 100% credit on your tour booking. No re-booking fees will be charged. This policy will apply right up until the day of departure. Guests however, will need to cover any price increases that may occur in the interim waiting period until their re-booking date. 

If you are personally impacted by COVID within 14 days of your planned departure and cannot travel we will hold 70% of your tour fee's in credit. A flat 30% administration fee will be applied to Covid cancellations within 14 days of departure. This is to cover unrecoverable costs from hotel & attraction bookings etc that cannot be cancelled on short notice without penalty. Please note we reserve the right to ask for certified proof of a positive COVID test in these cases. 

Covid cancellations that occur more than 14 days out from your planned departure will simply fall under our standard cancellation policy that can be found in the table below. 

There are several insurers now offering travel insurance, including cover against Covid related travel Cancellations. Although many insurers place a cap of approximately AUD $2500 per guest for Covid related losses, travel insurance is highly recommend and would still more than cover any fee's charged by Fun Tassie Tours in the event of a late, Covid related cancellation.

Two reputed insurers we recommend contacting that offer Covid travel insurance are Cover-More and NIB

We have taken the above measures to ensure that guests can book with the confidence they will be treated fairly in the event of COVID related cancellations. We also however, acknowledge that the travel industry (including us as operators) need to move forward and operate under a slightly stricter & more transparent cancellation policy compared to the last 2 years. This is to ensure financial stability & viability for our business into the future. We feel the above is an extremely fair compromise and is definitely on the more generous side compared to other operators within the travel industry.

Some additional information regarding COVID-19 is available on both our FAQ's page and our Covid-19 Update page. Feel free to contact us directly for more information and clarity on any of our policies. 

The below cancellation policy table outlines our required notice periods for tour package cancellations. 

*Last update June 8th, 2022

Standard Cancellation Policy

Notice in Days Refund Email To Advise of Cancellation
50+ Days Notice 100% Refund
22 – 49 Days Notice 75% Refund
10 – 21 Days Notice 50% Refund
1 – 9  Days Notice 0% Refund