Western Wilderness & The Central Highlands

The western wilderness is a vast, largely untouched and diverse region. The wilderness has lakes, rivers, plains, valleys, plateau's, forests and a coastline which spans hundreds of kilometers. The Western Wilderness of Tasmania is a world heritage listed site which remains largely free from human activity and is a nationally recognised, protected region. It consists of the Southwest National Park which is 440,000 hectares, the Cradle Mountain Lake St Claire National Park (130,000 hectares)  and the Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park (180,000 hectares). As you can tell by the national park regions, they're combined land mass is larger than some small countries. The area is exposed to what is known as the 'roaring forties' westerly airstream and is one of the wettest regions of Australia. A large amount of the western wilderness is uninhabited and remains largely isolated from the rest of Australia. It is a bush walkers, naturalists and adventurers paradise with a massive amount of wildlife, natural beauty & intrigue into its origins and history.

The main street in Queenstown


Visit Tasmania's Central Highlands 

Fun Tassie Tours will make sure you're well looked after, are safe and enjoy this fascinating region and it's history. We run weekly tours to this area and offer a guided experience in this eye opening, expansive and beautiful part of Tasmania. The Central Highlands of Tasmania also known as 'The Lake Country' of Tasmania is 800,000 hectares of lakes and snow capped mountains with small communities and wild, hilly landscapes. It boasts Tasmania's first Hydro-Electric power station, has great trout fishing, bush-walks and a healthy hunting community. Enjoy this lovely lakeside region with Fun Tassie Tours guiding you through, while leaving you plenty of time to enjoy the natural surrounds and activities to be had. The Central Highlands and Wild Western Wilderness regions of Tasmania put simply, are not to be missed.

Russell Falls in Mt Field National Park