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COVID-19 Update

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Fun Tassie Tours is back up and operating as the tourism industry navigates out of this very challenging COVID-19 period. Over recent months we have managed to host an array of guided tour packages with great success - to the satisfaction of our guests who have endured long periods of waiting. Barring new developments we expect the last remaining COVID restrictions & protocols to ease over our Winter period, making travel in the approaching season even more open, accessible and Covid hassle free. 

We are proud and very grateful to have survived extended periods of inactivity and are looking forward to offering a full quota of itineraries and new itinerary offerings in the approaching season 2022/23. All available departure dates are listed on our tour pages.

We will soon be welcoming back our international guests who have not been able to travel to our state/country for the last 2 years or more. Fun Tassie Tours no longer requires guests to be COVID vaccinated to participate in our guided itinerary packages. The decision to relax our mandatory vaccination policy is not necessarily reflective of our views on COVID-19 vaccinations, but simply falls in line with the removal of state border entry requirements - which have also been relaxed in recent months. We reserve the right to again alter this policy in the future if circumstances are necessary but at the current time all guests are welcome to book and participate regardless of their vaccination status.

Note: for international guests this may be irrelevant as proof of double vaccination status is still required to enter the country. 


We have numerous COVID-19 plans & systems in place and have made all necessary adjustments to ensure we are fully compliant with all COVID-19 related guidelines, directives & regulations both in & out of the vehicles. This means we may slightly adjust the way some attractions are visited to ensure social distancing requirements. We are ensuring that any attractions, accommodations, restaurants and other establishments we visit on our tours also have appropriate COVID-19 procedures in place. At present the only remaining mandate that significantly affects our travels groups is that all guests must still wear masks when onboard the vehicle. Anywhere outside the vehicles (including all restaurant & food venues) is optional. We expect the mask mandate to be lift possibly before the new season begins in September. 

None of our vehicles are ever filled to capacity - not even close. We leave plenty of free spaces to meet social distancing requirements and ensure guest comfort. More specific information on our vehicles and maximum guests policy can be found on our 'Vehicles' page. 

Sanitisation is a priority and we are extremely vigilant with the cleanliness of our vehicles. Your hosts will be disinfecting common areas of the vehicles at every stop in addition to a more thorough clean and disinfect at the conclusion of each days touring. Guests are required to hand sanitise regularly and every time they enter the vehicle. 

This has been the most challenging time we have ever faced in the tourism industry in Tasmania. We feel though that with a sensible approach, small group numbers and our carefully planned itineraries we can travel the island safely and enjoy the best attractions Tasmania has to offer. We expect tourism in Tasmania to return in a strong manner post Covid and are committed to offering the best, safest and most enjoyable experiences possible for our guests. 

More helpful information regarding COVID-19 and some common questions can be found on our FAQ's page. Alternatively, feel free to call us anytime to discuss in more detail anything related to our COVID policies. 

We look forward to hosting you on tour!

Robert & Morgan Wilson

Fun Tassie Tours


**Last updated on 20th July 2022.