From Hong Kong | Honeymooners Tasmania Tour

From Hong Kong | Honeymooners Tasmania Tour


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Hong Kong Honeymooners Enjoy a Tasmanian Tour

Having received a booking for the Tasmania in Circle Tour for the end of May, which is rather late in the season, I was a bit concerned the weather might be a problem. However, we decided to take the chance as it was the only time for Gary and Tracey from Hong Kong.

The week before they arrived was cold and rain, with even snow in the mountains, however the Monday that I picked them to start the 6 day tour, was perfect, warm and sunny. Ideal conditions to enjoy the spectacular sea cliffs of the Tasman peninsular along with the rest of the stunning scenery.

Gary being a keen semi professional photographer with a great array of equipment, lenses etc, and Tracey a keen student under Garys guidance, both were anxious to capture as much of Tasmania’s stunning scenery, fantastic flora and adorable wildlife as possible. He could not believe the number of great photo opportunities just on the first day alone. Even ending with a spectacular sunset.

Day two was a repeat of the first day, with ideal conditions and numerous stops. To finish the day off we went to the Bicheno Blow Hole at dusk to see the fairy penguins coming ashore, and whilst waiting under a clear sky with a full moon we realised that there was a full lunar eclipse starting. Not only did Gary get great penguin photos but also the lunar eclipse in all stages.

As we travelled around over the 6 days everything seemed to fall into place, it could not have been better planned. Like Echidnas, roos, wombats, etc by the side of the road for close up photos, a magnificent double rainbow over the west coast, something rarely seen in Hong Kong according to Gary. The stunning image of Cradle Mt with its mirror reflection in Dove Lake was a prize photo. Even the music I played on the last day, Michael Learns To Rock, a Danish group, unheard of in Australia, but big in south east Asia, was perfect as Gary explained, it was the same music playing when he first met Tracey. It seemed that it was meant to be the perfect holiday, and it was only then on the last day, that Gary and Tracey announced that they were in fact on their honeymoon.

It is was my great pleasure to show the newly weds, the scenic highlights of Tasmania and thankful that they entrusted such an important event like their honeymoon to me.

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