Tulips in Tasmania

tulips in Tasmania

Tasmania's Tulip Sensation

Spring time in Tasmania! What better time to come and see what this magnificent island has to offer. During the height of “Tulip Mania” in the 17th century a single bulb became worth more than a year’s salary and the 10 Day Spring & Tulips tour we have arranged will create priceless memories for those choosing to experience the Northwest of Tasmania at this special time of year.  

Come and immerse yourself in the unique and awe inspiring Northwest of Tasmania - a region often neglected by visitors to our island. Featuring sojourns to the world famous Table Cape Tulip Farm and several other impressive gardens, Cradle Mountain, spectacular Bass Strait beaches, eclectic natural landscapes, the Arthur River and the peerless rainforests of the Tarkine. Our ‘Spring & Tulips Special’ will ensure an escape to calm the mind and refresh the soul. Suitable for singles, couples and guests of all physical abilities.

The feature of the itinerary is the Table Cape Tulip Farm in full bloom where the entire property is illuminated by rows and rows of technicolour tulips. Tulips flower only one month each year, creating in a vivid display of Spring vibrance and joy. Over 110 years ago the family run farm cleared and settled this magnificent property (an extinct volcanic vent) with 180m cliffs all around overlooking the waters of Bass Strait. It wasn’t until 1984 that the first tulips were imported from Holland and the dazzling, yearly spectacle of the tulip bloom began.

Tulips originated in the mountains of the Central Asia and became popular in Turkey from 1000AD. The 16th century Ottoman Empire Sultans loved the flowers and the tulip became a symbol of power and wealth. Laws were passed making it illegal to sell the prestigious bulbs outside of the capital. Sultans began wearing a tulip on their turban and the word “tulip” is derived from the Persian word for turban.

After gifting some bulbs to visiting ambassadors, tulips eventually found their way to the Dutch Republic in 1593. Over the next 4 centuries the Dutch grew and hybridised the tulip which today has over 3000 varieties. It has become one of the most famous plants in the world. Flowers range in size, arrangement and colour, with the only exception being there is no true blue or black. We are blessed in Tasmania to view some of the best tulips in the world, Table Cape tulips are of such a high quality that they are exported back to the Netherlands! Don’t miss an opportunity to come and wander through grounds of this superb property, home to the largest tulip fields in the Southern Hemisphere.

Another highlight of this tour (often overlooked in travel itineraries) is my personal favourite location in Tasmania - the far northwest coastline. Marketed as the “End of the World”, the region screams of the wild, raw power of nature. Vast ocean swells are driven by the winds of the roaring forties over the longest uninterrupted expanse of ocean on Earth. We view this from a fantastic raised platform atop the craggily, jagged west-coast shoreline. Breath in the freshest air on the planet while witnessing the primal brutality of incessant winds and mammoth swells smashing into the wild, untamed coastline. This is a spectacle not easily forgotten.

Choose your highlight when you tour of one of the most amazing regions in Tasmania and be prepared to be awed by landscapes, scenery and locations during a truly unique 10 day vacation. Even if you have been to Tasmania before, the Northwest coast during the Tulip blooming period is a once a year and a once in a lifetime experience not to be missed. Contact Fun Tassie Tours for more information and itinerary details.

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